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If you want to learn the Palmer Method, you’ve come to the right place. This page will guide you on your Palmer Method journey.

About This Website was started in 2011 as a reproduction of Austin Palmer’s classic book, The Palmer Method of Business Writing. Since then, we’ve created a better website at, which has everything this website has and more. Head over to and start with the Intro Series or the FAQs page.

The Palmer Method Intro Series

The best place to start learning is the Palmer Method Intro Series, which is published on our sister site –

The Palmer Method Intro Series is a 6-part video series that covers the basics of the Palmer Method. It was created because reading the Palmer Method book can be incredibly confusing. Without videos showing how things work and explaining concepts in simple terms, it is easy to become lost and frustrated.

The Palmer Method Intro Series is the best place to begin learning the Palmer Method. Click here to watch the first video at

Continue Your Palmer Method Studies

After you’ve watched the Intro Series, you have a few options to continue your studies.

Option #1 –

This website, for the most part, is a reproduction of The Palmer Method of Business Writing, the Palmer Method book that was used to educate countless Americans during the 20th century. You can start learning from the Palmer Method book on this website, but note that it only contains the first 13 lessons or so from Palmer’s book.

If you want to learn the Palmer Method here at, start with the homepage. Read the text on the page and then look for the “NEXT” link to continue onto the next page or lesson of the book.

Option #2 – Download the Palmer Method Book

The Palmer Method of Business Writing is available to download for free. Just head over to our sister site, to download the PDF.

Click here to download the Palmer Method Book.

Option #3 – The Palmer Method Study Plan Video Course

The Palmer Method Study Plan is a comprehensive video course covering 80+ lessons and 100+ drills from The Palmer Method of Business writing. If you are serious about learning the Palmer Method, you can learn more about the Study Plan at

Click here to learn more about the Palmer Method Study Plan.

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Have a question or want to share your writing and get feedback? Post it to /r/PalmerMethod on Reddit and I’ll respond there. This way others can benefit from the discussion.

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