First Specimens

Beginning pupils should write two sets of first specimens on paper about 8×10-1/2 inches. One set should be retained by the pupil, and one set scanned and emailed to [email protected].

The value of these first specimens will be clearly apparent as the work of muscular movernent development and application progresses and comparisons are made. Those sent to are alphabetically arranged and kept for future reference. When pupils have mastered the movement and become good business writers, their second specimens should be sent to be filed with the first. The improvement is often so great that the first and second specimens may be published with great credit to the pupil and the Palmer Method.

In these specimens the following form should be followed: On the first line write the first and last name; on the second line, the name of the city or town, and the date. Skip one line and make a set of capitals; skip a line and make two lines of miscellaneous figures; skip a line and write,

A specimen of my best writing before I began to practice muscular movement writing from the lessons in the Palmer Method of Business Writing.

The above was written in ………… minutes and ………… seconds.

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