Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life
Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life

Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life

Increase your confidence and success in business and academic endeavors by improving your handwriting with Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life, an online course taught by licensed occupational therapist and handwriting specialist Monica Fortunato OTR/L.

  • Over 54 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access – No Limits

Do you want to appear more professional? Receive higher grades? Be more efficient? You CAN improve your life by improving your handwriting. Even people with difficult to read handwriting have seen significant improvement with this method.

This course easily and quickly guides you through the 12 Keys of fluid, automatic and legible handwriting. Each Key is accompanied by specially design practice pages so you can quickly see improvement. You will learn how to incorporate your new skills into your everyday life.

There are bonus lectures on pencil grip, handwriting styles and tips for left handers. Recommendations for continued practice and resources for supplies are also included.

Are you:

  • high school students looking to improve grades
  • SAT test takers
  • Medical professionals wanting clearer communication
  • professionals using white boards or flip charts
  • workers using handwritten communications – forms
  • teachers
  • homeschoolers
  • anyone that wants more legible handwriting

Then this course is for you!

By practicing 10 minutes a day with guidance from this course, you will see improvement. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life and get started!

Content and Goals

  • Learn the keys the fluid and legible handwriting
  • Increase your confidence and success in business
  • Improve grades and SAT essay scores
  • Learn new handwriting habits and how to practice effectively and efficiently

Who Should Attend?

  • Business people, medical professionals, students, SAT test takers
  • Anyone wanting to improve the legibility of their handwriting
  • Anyone wanting eye-hand brain exercises


Very helpful, and with immediate results – I’ve found that my handwriting has suffered depreciably in the digital age with so much keyboarding, and it’s really been an embarrassment. I was amazed by how simple and effective this program was. I saw instant improvement. Easy to follow. I did about 10-20 min/day. I am now using some of the pointers I’ve learned to help my kids avoid some of their bad writing habits before they become too ingrained. Thank you.

–Abby H.

Best Handwriting Course on the Market! Improve Your Handwriting pulls several concepts together that can quickly change the way your written work looks. I have taught handwriting to children of all ages for 15 years and Monica’s method is the best, most quickly implemented I have seen. To put it simply, it works!!!!!!!



Monica Fortunato OTR/L

Monica Fortunato OTR/L is a licensed Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience. She has spent the last 7 years working with children, teens and adults to improve their handwriting skills.  Monica and her programs have been featured in the LA Times, the Today in OT magazine and on BBC International Radio. She is Level One Certified by “Handwriting Without Tears” to evaluate and remediate handwriting difficulties.  Monica has worked with authors, physicians and business people to improve their handwriting legibility and confidence. She has taught teens the keys to great penmanship and seen improvement in their grades and self esteem. Monica owns Handwriting Genius – handwriting programs for teens and adults and Handwriting Heroes – handwriting programs for children.

Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life
Improve your Handwriting – Improve your Life