Writing’s on the wall for fountain pens

BEING left handed, I used to find it difficult, not to say messy, to use a fountain pen. My hand would invariably smudge the ink on the page and soil my fingers and shirt cuff.

Alas, Lewis Todd, the excellent but strictly old-school headmaster of Barry’s former Holton Road Junior School, which I attended as a lad, would not permit Laszlo Biro’s invention to be used in our handwriting lessons.

Yes, in those days we had handwriting, or penmanship, lessons and Mr Todd insisted that a fountain pen be used. The ballpoint pen which Mr Biro had developed was effectively banned. I spent a summer holiday perfecting a handwriting technique, holding my left hand in such a way so that it would not drag across the page and smudge the ink.

I used up countless bottles of Quink Ink but my handwriting improved and was even praised by Mr Todd on my return to school. [continued…]

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