Workshop presents pointers on handwriting for students

BEAVER — Raleigh County school officials hosted a workshop Tuesday called “Handwriting at Home,” at the Special Education Complex for parents and educators of special needs students.

The session addressed concerns about motor skill development and tips to boost the child’s success with handwriting.

Elizabeth Cormack, an occupational therapist with the county schools, spoke at this free session.

During the presentation, Cormack explained a series of specific issues that affect motor control, including motor planning, body awareness, coordination, concentration, motor memory and tactile perception. She discussed each concern and gave tips for addressing them.

For example, many students with special needs may have sensitive tactile perception that will influence their school work and handwriting, she said. …

Read the whole article here: Workshop presents pointers on handwriting for students » Local News » The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

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