Lubbock educators get a lesson on handwriting

Lubbock educators receive a lesson on the importance of handwriting.

Occupational Therapist Roxanne Thompson is spreading the word on the link between handwriting and brain development.

Thompson says learning how to write legibly and efficiently is an important skill every student needs to possess.

“A lot of colleges across the U.S., the professors are actually asking their students to shut down their laptops and they’re asking them to go back to taking notes and so we want to make sure kids have the skill to be able to do that whenever they get older and then they’ve got the skills to take notes,” said Thompson.

She states when a child takes hand-written notes they develop better memory recall, which can translate into higher information retention and eventually, better grades. [continued…]

Read the whole article here: Lubbock educators get a lesson on handwriting|myFOXlubbock | FOX 34 News KJTV Lubbock, Texas

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