LOL OMG FYI Oxford Dictionary Words

As much as we here at FYI, love that FYI (For Your Information) is officially a word; it’s also our duty to give you and official FYI. Don’t trade in your pencils and paper for a keyboard just yet. There are many people that think the popularization of acronyms may be the first sign of the decline of the written word. To be sure, who writes long letters anymore?  Cognitively however, there is a case for physically getting out a pen and paper and writing down your thoughts.

A new study that compared the different brain processes used for writing by hand and typing has found that there are cognitive benefits to putting pen to paper. These findings give support to the continued teaching of penmanship and handwriting in schools. Compared to using two hands to type out letters on a keyboard, writing with one hand uses more complex brain power. [continued…]

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