Handwriting is fading away and other things to ponder

This has been a week for pondering.

Pondering is when you sit and think about great issues of our time, of philosophical thoughts, of potentially great ideas. You know, goofing off but with the appearance of being highly contemplative.

You can do that when you write for a living and people think you’re in deep thought when in reality you’re trying to stay awake.

But I sincerely have been pondering. For example, did you know some researchers believe youngsters growing up now won’t be able to write using pen and paper? They already think cursive writing eventually will be as foreign to folks as hieroglyphics.

It’s because so many people tap out messages and notes on keys. Computer keyboards, cell phone keyboards, electronic tablet keyboards, even if they don’t have real keys. According to these experts, thanks to new technology people don’t have to jot anything down on paper. It’s just tap-tap-tap-tap and a few electrons move among microchips and, voila, there it is. …

Read the whole article here: Sonny Garrett’s Odds & Ends: Handwriting is fading away and other things to ponder | The Baxter Bulletin | baxterbulletin.com

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