Douglaston Man Introduces His Penpalz

A Douglaston lawyer who invented a popular 1980s board game said that a new toy he is manufacturing not only provides a cuddly companion for children, but also encourages them to learn to write.

Ed Muccini, a Douglaston attorney who practices criminal law and business litigation, is hoping that his Penpalz are the next must-have toy for children.

The toys are plush animals that fit around a child’s wrist and help them to hold a pen or pencil correctly.

Rob Manca, a city schoolteacher from Douglaston, developed the concept for the Penpalz several years ago. Muccini then licensed the stuffed animals and began taking them around to toy fairs across the nation.

“I was originally just going for a cuddly companion for kids as they do their homework,” Muccini said. “As I marketed it at the Chicago Toy Fair, the best reaction that I got was from occupational therapists who were teaching handwriting for the first time.” [continued…]

Read the whole article here: Douglaston Man Introduces His Palz – Douglaston, NY Patch

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