Cursive: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

As technology continues to develop at such a fast pace, parents and teachers are skeptical about whether or not cursive writing should remain a part of the public school curriculum.

The debate over cursive in the elementary school curriculum is becoming a more prominent and heated topic throughout the United States. Advocates for both sides of the issue have sparked the interest of national news networks and programs such as “Fox News” and “Sunday Morning” as well as parents and school boards across the nation.

While some think that cursive is an outdated and unnecessary skill in today’s world of technology, others argue that without the knowledge of cursive writing, important historical facts and penmanship skills would be lost on future generations. Though both sides of the conflict present evidence that proves or disproves the validity of teaching cursive in school, the subject remains open for discussion among students and staff. [continued…]

Read the whole article here: The Chronicle @ Kettle Run – Kettle Run High School – Cursive: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

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