Cursive resistance shows sign of times

A number of my younger friends like to point out that I am out of touch with what is happening today and tend to rely on knowledge of the past rather than trying to live in the present. Of course, I rather enjoy their comments and just smile at the thought of their being accused of the same things a few years hence. I surely hope they will be as proud of their heritage as I am of mine.

One of my favorite subjects about the past is the education we received then. I tend to get a bit excited when I hear about some of the changes–many of which I merely put down as omissions. For instance, I become a little tense when I find that grammar is sometimes set aside and students are told to pay more attention to what they want to say than to how they should say it.

At such times, I am very thankful for having had excellent English teachers throughout public school years and outstanding English professors throughout college years. [continued…]

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