Cursing Over Cursive

Is legible handwriting a lost art? I saw a segment on TV that said some schools are dropping cursive from the curriculum. No more cursive? That’s enough to make me curse right there.

I am not exactly proficient at bad language, but I could probably scare up a few expressions I learned in the teachers’ lounge.

What is going on here that such a thing is even possible? Were all those childhood hours I spent making loops and circles and up and down movements for naught? The Palmer Method was the cursive Bible and we followed it to the letter: “Up and down, round and round, and loop the loop.”

I still have a bump on my middle finger where the pencil rested. It was repetitious, monotonous . . . and soothing in a way. Think meditation and self-hypnosis. …

Read the whole article here: Little Old Woman: Cursing Over Cursive – Leader & Kalkaskian – Morning Star Publishing

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