Lesson 9

Do not neglect the compact oval practice; one line across the paper will no doubt be enough if very compact.

Drill 7

Palmer Method of Business Writing: Drill 7

The method of practice in drill 7 should be the same as in capital A, drill 5. After each traced oval, lift the pen while in motion, swinging it below the base line and around to the beginning point of capital O without checking it. Drive the pen rapidly and bring the muscles of the arm into active play. First make ten revolutions for the traced oval, gradually decreasing the number to six ; count six for the ovals and two for each capital O.

Drill 8

Palmer Method of Business Writing: Drill 8This capital O is very popular with many excellent business penmen and teachers of modern writing. Study the letter and make a mental photograph of it. Note particularly the curves of the left and the right sides; also the loop at the top, its general direction and size.

In finishing O the final stroke should be pushed upward. If it is pulled downward it will too nearly resemble A. Capital O should be made at the rate of seventy or more to a minute. Count 1-2 for each O.

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