Lesson 7

Begin, as usual, with careful study of the writing machine, adjust it carefully and test the movement. Then practice the two-space compact oval in drill 3.

Drill 4

Palmer Method of Business Writing: Drill 4

In drill 4 the special object is to develop a uniform, continuous motion. Preparatory to the first oval, the movement should be tested by carrying the pen rapidly in the air, the arm resting, and the hand in a good writing position. Without checking the motion, the pen should be brought to the paper, thus forcing it to make sharp, clean-cut lines. In passing from one oval to another, the pen should be lifted from the paper at the base line without checking the motion, should swing below the base line to the right and to the beginning of the next oval, a uniform speed being maintained throughout. Thus, the motion is continuous and no shaky lines are possible. Finish the final oval in each group with an upward right curve as shown in the drill. Move the paper with the left hand after each group of six.

Pupils should study the above instructions in connection with the oval practice until fully understood. These instructions are important, having a direct bearing upon the practice of capital letters.

Drill 5

Palmer Method of Business Writing: Drill 5

Drill 5 is what we term a forcing movement drill, and is one of the best for the beginner to practice.

In the direct traced oval make six revolutions to a count of “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,” lifting the pen at the base line on the sixth count without checking the motion and swinging it in the air to the beginning stroke of the capital A. Thus the pupil will be impelled from a slow, lagging movement to one that is elastic and rapid. The form may not be entirely satisfactory at first, but it will improve rapidly if this process is continued long enough and frequently repeated.

The rate of speed should be about twenty complete traced ovals, and as many capitals to the minute.

Before beginning to practice, count the ovals and letters. There are seven of each. You are expected to make the same number on a line of equal length.

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