Lesson 13

Begin with practice of the two-space compact oval (drill 3), drill 6, and drill 11.

Special Studies of the Capitals, Small Letters, and Figures

Special Studies of the Capitals, Small Letters, and FiguresPupils who have studied and followed the explanations, suggestions, and instructions so far, will have sufficient control of the muscular movement to master easily the letters on this page.

Those who have not been thorough in studying the instruction and practicing the drills should review. Nothing less than failure can follow superficial study.

The capitals, small letters, and figures are given at this point for convenient reference, and an effort should be made hereafter to employ these forms in all the written work.

One lesson each week should be devoted to special study and practice of the capitals until they are mastered.

Capitals, small letters, and figures will all be taught thoroughly in the following lessons.

A few minutes in the right way are worth more than hours of practice in the wrong way.

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