Lesson 11

Drill 9

Palmer Method of Business Writing: Drill 9The plan of practice for drill 9 should be the same as for drill 5 and drill 7. The count should be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, — 1, 2, and repeat. No matter what may precede capital C, when the pen comes in contact with the paper in the beginning line it must move downward in the direction of a left curve.

Drill 10

Palmer Method of Business Writing: Drill 10How many are there on a line? Count them. Swing the pen in the path of a C several times before making the first letter; in fact, aim before you shoot. Lift the pen from the paper while in motion in finishing a capital; continue the motion with the pen in the air and bring it to the paper to begin the next capital — all without checking the motion. Make about seventy letters to the minute. Count 1-2 for each C.

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