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The Palmer Method was not the only book written about business penmanship. Below are a list of other books and resources on business penmanship, both classic and contemporary.

Classic Books

The Arm Movement Method of Rapid Writing (Zaner)

The Bailey Method of Penmanship

The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing

Modern Business Penmanship (Mills)

Palmer’s Penmanship Budget (Palmer’s other book on Business Penmanship)

Contemporary Resources – Supplement instruction and video demonstration on how to write with the arm.

Perfect Biscuits YouTube Channel – Features over 100 videos on traditional American Penmanship. – A thoughtful blog on traditional American penmanship.

dieyen Dualpen YouTube Channel – Features videos on Palmer Method and Practical Penmanship. – A database of traditional American penmanship history including penman bios, links to penmanship collections and archives, and lessons on various types of traditional pen art. Business Educator Lessons – A collection of lessons from the most popular penmanship periodicals of the Golden Age: The Business Educator.

Related Resources

If you love the look and feel of The Palmer Method, but aren’t interested in learning arm movement writing, the resources below are for you! – A free online course for those that want to learn Palmer-style writing (i.e. American cursive), but not arm movement.

The Art of Cursive Penmanship – This book by Michael Sull is a comprehensive resource on American Cursive. Sull is a Master Penman and is largely responsible for the resurgence of traditional American penmanship.

Spencerian Penmanship Copybooks – This is your best option if you want to learn traditional American penmanship from a copybook. In these copybooks, the letterforms and words are written in perfect Spencerian at the top of each page and you are given space to practice directly below.

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Instagram is the platform of the day for those studying and sharing traditional American penmanship. Check out the accounts below for a massive dose of inspiration and proof that The Palmer Method can be learned!