About PalmerMethod.com

I first learned of PalmerMethod.com in 2016 when I was scrolling the Handwriting community on Reddit.com. I had no idea that America had a rich history of penmanship and that people were preserving that history by practicing traditional methods.

As I learned more about the Palmer Method and studied traditional American penmanship, I documented my journey under the handle, Perfect Biscuits. On Instagram, I shared images of my writing and connected with others studying the same craft. On YouTube, I posted videos attempting to demonstrate what I learned from Palmer’s classic book, The Palmer Method of Business Writing.

David's improvement with the Palmer Method
The improvement of David’s writing from 2017 to 2020.

As I went deeper and deeper into the world of penmanship, one thing was clear: there are a lot of people that want to learn the Palmer Method and the most common place to begin is PalmerMethod.com.

Since PalmerMethod.com was launched in 2011, it has served as a reproduction of Austin Palmer’s classic book, The Palmer Method of Business Writing. By taking the content from Palmer’s book and putting into a website format, PalmerMethod.com has made it easier for modern students to study this traditional method of penmanship.

In 2020, I reached out to the owner of PalmerMethod.com about acquiring the website. I wanted to use the site to get closer to new students of the Palmer Method and guide them into the world of traditional American penmanship. By January of 2021, we had a deal and I took control of PalmerMethod.com.

As much as I’d like to completely reimagine PalmerMethod.com, it is best that I leave this website relatively the same. So many people have linked to PalmerMethod.com since it was launched in 2011 that I’d hate to substantially change the content of those links.

David DiGiovanni
David addressing an envelope

That said, I have made improvements to the site. The site is now optimized for mobile devices, ads have been removed, and there is a contact form so visitors can ask questions and offer feedback. You’ll also see links to ThePalmerMethod.com, my other website which has more information about the Palmer Method.

I feel lucky to be managing PalmerMethod.com and consider it a responsibility to maintain this resource and nexus point of the Palmer Method community. If you have any ideas on how this website can be improved or how it can be used to bring the Palmer Method community closer together, please contact me.

David DiGiovanni

David is the creator of Consistent Cursive, a free online course teaching the basics of American cursive, and The Palmer Method Study Plan, a premium video course that teaches the Palmer Method. He also operates another website dedicated to the Palmer Method: ThePalmerMethod.com.

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